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Engraving Plates

Choose from Brass, Leaded Brass, Nickel Silver, Copper, Black Brass, Photo Metal and more. We are the source for engraving plates of all sizes.

Brass Engraving Plates

This is theBrass Plate Engraving standard for the engraving industry. We can cut to size. On our order page we have standard sizes listed with pricing. If you don't find the exact size you want - pick the size plate closest to the size you want - then in the special instructions say the exact size you want. We will take it from there.


Nickel Silver Engraving Plates

Nickel Silver Engraving PlateSometimes the gold colored brass is not right for your engraving job, nickel silver is a great alternative. It engraves just as good as the brass.


Leaded Brass Engraving Plates

This is a step up from the regular engraving brass. The lead makes the brass a little softer and we are able to get cleaner and deeper cuts than the regular brass. Also, when we darken the letters after engraving, we get a darker black to the engraving. You will find leaded brass used in museums and in art collections. If you need an extra special engraving, leaded brass is the answer for your.

Black Brass Engraving Plates

Black Brass Engraving PlateIf you want the engraving pop off the engraving plate, black brass is the answer for you. When we engrave, the gold brass under the black surface comes through with stunning results. This may be the perfect engraving answer for you.


Copper Engraving Plates

Copper Engraving PlateThe reddish copper is a great alturnitive to traditional brass engraving. Sometimes you want a richer look to the engraving plate and the copper engraving plate delivers.


Engraving plates are needed for all types of special occasions in a person's life. From birth to death and every special event in between - Graduation - Marriage - Retirement - any special achievement that needs to be remembered. To look at all the choices, click the link below to see samples of plates engraved and to order.

Shop Engraving Plates

Bronze AlumaMark Engraving Plate

To the right is plate that we laser engrave. This plate is great for engraving logos and line art onto.

If you would like an engraving plate like Holly's plate click www.inlovingmemoryofpets.com


Outdoor Plaques

The above plates are for indoor use. They can be used outdoors, but will last for about 5 years before start to deteriate. If they are in direct sunlight, the deteriation process is faster on these plates. It all depends on how long you want the plate to last.

We have plates that are meant to hold up very well outdoors. These Plates (plaques) will hold up to ultra-violet light and the weather for years to come.

Photo Metal Outdoor Plates

Outdoor Metal Photo PlateThese plates were developed for signs that could hold up in submarines. The plates needed to stand up to the salt water and all the other crossives found in an undersea environment. You see these plates along forest trails with picture of a plant and a description. The Photo metal plates have made it to the awards industry for those who need a plaque for out doors. Uses include park bench plaques, memorial garden plates and much more. Photo Metal plates come in a silver finish and a gold tone finish. As the name implies, photos in black and white can be reproduced on these plates. The metal is about .020" thick, so you need to mount the plate on something sturdy - a wall - a bench - etc.

2 x 6 Plate $41.50 Order
4 x 6 Plate $70.00 Order
3 x 4 Plate $41.50 Order 4 x 8 Plate $90.00 Order


Other sizes are available - email us with your request
Or Call us toll FREE at 877-829-2737

We will send you several proofs to choose from, so you will have the perfect plaque.

Allow 2 Weeks for delivery


Bronze Outdoor Plaques

Bronze Outdoor PlaqueBronze plaques will last 100 years and then can be refurbished and good for another 100 years. The plaques can be mounted on a wall or attached to a garden stake and put into the ground. Tree planting dedications are a common use of Bronze Garden Stake Plaques. Order your special memory plaque.

5 x 7 Wall Mount $215.00 Order
5 x 7 Stake Mount $280.00 Order


Other sizes are available - email us with your request
Or Call us toll FREE at 877-829-2737

We will send you several proofs to choose from, so you will have the perfect plaque.

Allow 1 month for delivery


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