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Clock Engraving

Clock Engraving

Many clocks can be engraved—from little tabletop clocks to grandfather clocks and a lot in between. For glass or crystal clocks, we use an etching process. (We make a mask and glue it to the clock, etch, then remove the cover and clean the clock thoroughly.) For most wooden clocks, we use lasers to cut into the surface. Often, the laser turns the wood dark compared to the finish. A few wood types do not get enough contrast as we engrave, so we use a gold-finish fill to help make it stand out. Another option is to attach an engraving plate to the clock itself. We select a metal that matches the face of the clock usually. After engraving the plate, we put a mild acid on the surface, so the letters turn black. The results, a beautiful, engraved clock every time!

All clocks are different. We always use the most effective engraving method depending on the clock and what you want personalized. Engraved clocks make great corporate and personal gifts and are treasured for years. Clicking the 'Purchase' links below will take you to our older, secure E-Commerce site by Infusionsoft.

Waterford Clock Engraving Glass Tabletop Clock Engraving

Glass Tabletop Clock Engraving

Waterford Crystal clocks and glass mantle clocks engrave beautifully. The process we use to engrave glass clocks is etching. It gives a frosted look to the engraving and is easier to read than other methods. Designs or corporate logos can also be done.

MI-4557 Crystal Arch Clock

MI-4557 Designer Crystal Arch Clock

This quartz clock with a second hand has a faceted arch that beautifully captures rays of light and refracts it. This piece is an eye-catcher on any corporate desk or bookshelf, with plenty of room for etching a name, title, short copy, and date. Yes, we can also add a logo too. Size: 4" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/4"

MI-4556 Designer Crystal Clock.jpg

MI-4556 Designer Crystal Clock

This quartz clock also has a second hand. The back has vertical facets that catch the light nicely. This clock will be the star of the executive desk or fireplace mantel. This clock makes a great gift and conversational piece. Size: 3" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Wood Tabletop Clock

Wood Tabletop Clock Engraving

With most wood clocks, we engrave a brass plate and attach it to the clock. We cut the brass to size with excellent results. Some wood tabletop clocks have silver trim, and we use engravable nickel-silver engraving plates, which is a lovely contrast. If clocks have a piano finish, we can laser right into the wood and do a gold color fill. There are so many options!

Piano Finish Tabletop Clock Engraving

These clocks have a high-polish finish that allows us to laser into the wood. After lasering, we put a gold or silver fill into the letters depending on the clock. The piano-finish table clocks make a beautiful high-end corporate gift or an extra special anniversary gift.

B2662 Ashton Clockl

B2662 Ashton Bulova Clock

This solid wood hinged case has a high-gloss piano finish over the mahogany stain. The removable pocket watch has an engravable back and chain. Generally, we engrave the backs of watches with a short name, date, and message. Size H 2.75" x W 2.25" x D 3.25"

Engraving also includes two lines on the box lid. For the box, we laser engrave into the surface and then gold-fill the lettering. It looks phenomenal!

BC48 Rosewood Desk Clock

BC48 Clock

This beautiful clock has a rosewood piano-finish with a brass base diamond-spun dial and second hand. The black brass is an engraving plate. On here, there is plenty of area for engraving a name, short message, and date. There may also be room for a logo. We also offer a deluxe engraving version where we laser directly into the wood and then gold-fill the lettering.

MI3248 Gear Clock Rosewood Finish

MI3248 Gear Clock

This interesting and unique clock is made from rosewood and has a piano finish. The viewable gears of the clock are stunning. There is room for four lines of engraving, and we offer multiple font choices. After engraving, we put a gold-fill in the lettering to make it pop. This clock makes a great gift for those who appreciate mechanics or for the person who has everything. 7" tall.

Desk Clock and Weather Stations

There are all sorts of weather station desk clocks. Most are to be set on a desk, while others are hung on the wall. These clocks are a great gift idea for anglers, sailors, pilots, or any outdoor enthusiasts.

B2835 Weston Weather Station

B2835 Weston Weather Station by Bulova

This stately clock has a solid wood base and mahogany finish. The glass panel has a beveled top that includes the clock face, thermometer (with Fahrenheit and Celsius scales), and a hygrometer. It is adorned with polished gold-tone bezels. All three lenses have a clear protective covering. The engraving plate is included. 8" x 1"

B2572 Clock & Temp by Bulova

B2572 Paragon Clock and Thermometer by Bulova

This sleek clock and thermometer set is made of a tigerwood-pattern veneer that has a high gloss finish. A hinged glass cover protects polished chrome bezels. Set includes a clock, thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, pen, and recessed business cardholder. H: 2" x W: 9.5" D: 4" Also has a 2" x 5" engraving plate.

Grandfather Clock Engraving

Grandfather Clock Engraving

For grandfather clocks, we engrave the stately pendulum, as it's usually large and round. The most common thing we engrave is an interlocking monogram with his and her first initial and the couple's last initial larger in the center. This clock makes a perfect wedding, anniversary, or retirement gift.

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