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I just received my order and I am VERY impressed and satisfied with the results.  Wow, you exceeded my expectations.  I am so happy, and I will definitely use you for any future orders.  Thank you!

Sean Bridgett
Redding, CA

We received it Thursday....it was gorgeous.  Exactly what we wanted!!  Thank you. 
I will do business again in the future.

Michael Lu
Houston, TX

Great product, we love it!  Thank you!

Laura Economos
Arlington, VA

I received my desk name plate.  It is beautiful! Thank you for your patience in getting it the way I wanted it.

Donna Enriquez
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the fast delivery and beautiful work. It turned out perfect and I know my sister is going to love it.  Happy Weekend!

Jaimey Wilman
Elk Grove Villoage, IL

Thanks for your prompt service. I certainly will keep you in mind in the future.

 Richard Gref

Thank you very much for great service.  I am keeping your address and phone on file for future us. 

Brad Bender
Salem, OR

Thank you so much for this accommodation in the order change. I really appreciate it and will not forget it.
Best Regards,

Stephen Polland

Thank you for everything. I will definitely use you again and always recommend you.

Pam Charen
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Order your Cross Pen

If you already have a Cross Pen and want it engraved - bring it to us. But, if you are still looking, we have a deal for you - FREE engraving on pens bought on this web site. Here are hottest new pens from Cross. So start shopping.


C Series Cross Pens

Turbo-charged performance meets cutting-edge design. Industrial design detailing and finishes inspired by fine sport cars give this pen a high-tech look: chrome lug-nut appointments, rhodium plated solid 18kt gold nib, twist-off cap and rubberized front section on Fountain Pens.
The new capless, propel/repel Selectip® Rolling Ball Pen has a unique design that also allows for it to interchange to a Ballpoint Pen. A complimentary ballpoint refill is included with every Rolling Ball Pen for a choice of technologies. Available in four finishes: Monaco Blue, Performance Black, Champagne, and Carbon Black.
Free Engraving on Pens that are engravable. Most orders shipped with engraving in 24 hours.

Corbon Black Select Tip Roller Ball Pen (not engravable) $90.00 Order
Performace Black Select Tip Roller Ball Pen $90.00Order
Monaco Blue Select Tip Rollingball Pen $90.00 Order
Champaign Gold Select Tip Rollingball Pen (not engravable) $90.00 Order


ATX Cross Pens

Pure couture-Cross interpreted with a French accent. The lines bold and sweeping, the balance perfect for writing comfort, a pleasure to have and to hold. Chrome-plated appointments, stainless-steel nibs.
Free Engraving Most orders shipped with engraving in 24 hours.

Juniper Blue Ballpoint Pen $55.00 Order
Juniper Blue Select Tip Roller Ball Pen $70.00 Order
Juniper Blue Fountain Pen $85.00 Order

Matte Chrome Ballpoint Pen $55.00Order
Matte Chrome Select Tip Roller Ball Pen $75.00 Order
Matte Chrome Fountain Pen $85.00 Order

Medalist Ballpoint Pen $55.00 Order
Medalist Select Tip Rollingball Pen $70.00 Order
Medalist Fountain Pen $85.00 Order

Basalt Black Ballpoint Pen $55.00 Order
Basalt Black Select Tip Rollingball Pen $70.00 Order
Basalt Black Fountain Pen $85.00 Order

Pure Chrome Ballpoint Pen $55.00 Order
Pure Chrome Select Tip Rollingball Pen $70.00 Order
Pure Chrome Fountain Pen $85.00 Order


Classic Century Cross Pens

An American classic-since 1946. An icon of mid-century modern design, this is the Cross pen everyone knows and loves. We may have come a long way since then but this nostalgic favorite spans sixty years of poems and letters, good wishes and thank you's. Free Engraving Most orders shipped with engraving in 24 hours.

•Elegant, slim design
•Cross trademark conical top
•Patented propel-repel ball pen mechanism
•Lifetime mechanical guarantee

4502 10 KGF Ballpoint Pen $70.00 Order
1502 14 KGF Ballpoint Pen $100.00 Order
2802 18 KGF Ballpoint Pen $130.00 Order
3302 Medalist Ballpoint Pen $45.00 Order
2502 Classic Black Ballpoint Pen $55.00 Order
2505 Classic Black Selectip Roller Ball Pen $55.00 Order
3502 Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen $30.00 Order
3505 Lustrous Chrome Selectip Roller Ball Pen $45.00 Order

Amazing Guarantee

We will take tender loving care of your Cross Pen engraving order and ship in a timely manner (usually the next business day).

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